Guest Information

Welcome to Hotel Five Seasons. We hope your reservation and Check-In was successfully performed. To make your stay safe and comfortable, Below you will find all the important information that will be helpful during and after your stay.


We are unable to help with your baggage and we strongly recommend that take care of your baggage while travelling and leaving your luggage in reception. We don’t have pick’n drop service. Guests have to carry their baggage themselves.

At the moment Hotel Bar is not available at the property. We have a drinks to take away at the reception. Extra charges will be applied depends on the drink.

At the moment we are not offering breakfast. Guest can have  possibility for daily breakfast around the corner of KaiserStreet in Brot Haus after 7:00.

Electric and Normal touring bikes are not available in Hotel. You can book one via

When you book your reservation you are biding a legal contract between guest(who make the reservation,-person or company), Portal( booking platform where you book our hotel) and host (Hotel). Different booking platform and Hotel have different cancellation policy depends on the various factor (e.g: Local festival, Trade fair,Holidays & etc).  Kindly, read careful your cancellation policy.

Free Public Parking is possible at a location nearby (reservation is not possible).

Guest can check in from 18:00 till 21:00 local time. We strongly recommend our dear guests to look your arrive time at hotel before making your reservation. Kindly take account of traffic, transport delays and traffic congestion specially in peak period before starting your journey.In case of No-Show during our reception time, your reservation will be consider Canceled and charges will be applied per our cancellation policies. Because of budget room prices, We are restricted to maintain limited reception hours and unable to afford full time Receptionist.

The latest time for Checking out is 10:00 (local time) on your day of departure.Kindly settle all the undue payment day before during our reception time(18:00 till 22:00). Late Check out will be charged 20 Euro for the first hour and than later 10 Euro/Hour for each addition late hour. Partial hour will be charged full.  During Checkout, kindly give a thorough look at room for avoiding missing belongings. We ask to leave your room key inside the room and close the door.

Mutual respect, Courtesy & Love are the standards that comprises in Hotel Five Seasons. We are very small Hotel and is maintained by handwork and craftsmanship from various people. Unfortunately,their are people who do not treat our Staff and property in a similar manner as we do. Guests are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages, which you and/or those that accompany you or visitors, whether they are staying in the hotel or not, cause to the hotel, accommodation and its contents including the associated parts of Hotel. We ask your cooperation to report back to us any incident  as soon as it occur to solve the situation.

We will charge or debit your card for :

  • Damage/ Breakage or missing items (depends on the damage).
  • Further charge for not reporting back to us(up to 50€) .
  •  Cost for repairing the caused damage.
  • additionally Hotel will charge of minimum 100€ for soiled bedding, towels, carpets, furnishings and coloring caused by room holder, but not limited to, vomit, food and drink stains, blood and bed wetting. The hotel will also charge in full for any lost room nights resulting from any such damage and incidents mentioned in these conditions.

    Excessive loudness, disturbance, inconvenience discomfort, and misconduct to our guests/or staff is unacceptable. Such behavior will result to evacuate the room and hotel premises but will be charged fully for booking.

Depend on the Room rate policy,after making the reservation, Hotel is eligible to pre-authorize card.

Please give attention to payment policy before making reservation.

If you are in need for medical general practitioner, Nearest Hospital is,Fürth Klinikum Jakob-Henle-Straße 1, 90766 Fürth. Telefone: (+49)-0911 75801251.

In case of Doctor search , contact 116 117  Search for Doctor.

Hotel does not have sufficient drying facility for all the guests. In exceptional cases when guest need drying facility we can utilize our own drying machine. Extra charges will apply. Service is only available in our Reception Hours

Fax service is available at reception for guests. Please observe our reception timing for this service. Additional charges will apply.

In case of Fire or Life therating Emergency  Call 112.

All the bathrooms in Hotel are equipped with  Hand held portable hairdryer. Please use electric appliance carefully & responsibly.

Guests are provided with  Key (1 or 2 keys with Room number) during Check-In. In case if you have one Key, It will works for front hotel door + room door and also for back yard door.

If you got 2 keys, one will work for Front Door + back yard door and one will with your room door.

Please keep your key with you whenever you leave the hotel as Staff is not at reception all the time to open the front door. Front and back yard door lock automatically when it closes.

Guests were provided with ONLY One Key per Room regardless of room category.  

Please dont not remove the key from key fob. All key fob are unique and custom design to Hotel Five Seasons and are not available anymore if you lost one time.

Kindly leave the key in room during checking out. In case, you lost the Key, inform at the reception immediately. As it takes time to make duplicate and unfortunately we have to charge extra for this.

Our House Keeping personal starts cleaning the room everyday  from 10:30 till 16:00. During this period rooms are made complete new for arriving guest and refresh for staying guest. If you want not get disturb kindly hang the ‘Do not Disturb’ Sign at door our staff will not enter the room and will not be refreshed. House keeping is not available in Weekends and Local Holidays.

At the Moment, No free Internet is available.

Free Wifi is available in the Hotel. A voucher code will be given to guest during check-in.  Voucher codes are limited to number of occupancy per room.

As each unique voucher code is attached to your reservation, We strongly recommend you to destroy  your voucher code after your stay.In case of unlawful use, voucher Holder will responsible.

An Iron and Iron board is available on request during our reception hours. Service is free of charge and limited to availability of equipment.

We recommend you to take care of your belongings. In case of negligence, if you have forgotten something in Hotel informed us immediately.  We will informed our staff for lost item to look for it. Small important stuff(e.g: Documents,Jewelry,electronic etc) could be posted on the expense of guest. For larger item guests have to make arrangement themselves.

Hotel is not providing landry service. However Laundry service is available at “REINIGUNG & WÄSCHEREI HEINZELMANN  in Flößaustraße 87, 90763 Fürth| Tel:0911 712633  <For Website>”.

Hotel has a lift with Max. capacity for 4 persons. Please we cannot guarantee it will function all the times. kindly prepare for Stairs to walk and carry your luggage.

Hotel Five Seasons is No-Smoking to comply with new law of health and security regulation. Smoking inside the hotel(rooms, reception or hallway) is completely prohibited. In case of violation, 100€ will be fined and if Fire Alarm get activate 250-500€ will be fined. Your Reservation could be canceled and nothing will be refund.

We accept Cash(only Euro), EC card,Bank Card, Paypal, VISA, Master and  Maestro card. 

Well behaved pets are allowed in Hotel. Extra charges will be applied.

Reception is not managed 24 Hours. Staff is available from 18:00 till 21:00 to manage Reception and guest requests. During off seasons and Non-new arrival, Reception timing are subject to change and will be informed before. The guests staying overnight could contact us in case of emergency on Numbers provided at reception desk.

See Hotel & Room key.

Room Service is not available in Hotel. In case if you need any thing, Kindly contact at reception in person and reception staff will do it best to accommodate your request.

Regarding Room cleaning look on House Keeping option

Hotel front door is usually locked all the time. guest need key every time to re-enter the hotel. In case if you forget your key during reception timing our staff is happy to open the door for you. We have installed CCTV cameras in reception and Hotel floor. But we highly suggest you to take of your valuable. Dont leave it outside your room. Hotel will not responsible for it. Lock your door whenever you are leaving the room or staying overnight.

In case, if you confront someone while leaving or entering the Hotel, we request you kindly, DO NOT LET THEM IN SIDE it could cause breach/damage hotel security.  If they do enter, kindly inform immediately  at reception during reception hour,or via provided Telephone number or by email.

Guest can call for taxi 24 hour all the week from “Taxi-Zentrale Fürth ” Tel: +49 (0911) 777991.

Telephones are not provided in the rooms.Kindly use your mobile phone to make calls. In case if you dont have one, our Receptionist will be happy to make call locally for you.

All the rooms are equipped with remote control,flat screen energy efficient Television. Most of room televisions have satellite connection. but few rooms have local antenna connection with limited channels.

We would prefer you meet your visitor at hotel lounge not to take them in Hotel room. Visitors are definitely not allowed in room after 21:00 because of fire and security reasons.  Please ask your visitor to respect hotel regulations and policies. Also read Damage section for further details. We ask your cooperation and understanding.

We hope you fully enjoyed your stay at our hotel and discover beautiful town Fürth. We are providing all the service that we can in our budget friendly hotel according to our ranking. However there is always place to improve and we are happy to listen honest productive feedback from our dear customers. We highly appreciate if you  can give us feedback either my  personal hand written note or via Email. We will do our best to implement it. and obviously you will the fist to hear from us.